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“Imagine a forest
A real forest”
W.S. Graham

“Imagine a forest
A real forest”
W.S. Graham


Work happens in this room.

Work often happens in pairs or threes.  
This builds in thinking time and distance.

They grow or evolve or wither away or find themselves turned to the wall for months, even years, until an answer presents itself. Sometimes things get finished.

Ideas come from being out and about.
Some things bubble up to the surface after many years of percolating. Some appear out of a clear blue sky.

 They are recorded in photos and scrawled in notebooks. Textures and composition are experimented on and recorded in sketchbooks. For good or bad.

Some things have a sense of urgency and take on a natural progression of their own. Things evolve and are
recorded until they are needed.

Here is one illustration of an idea becoming a picture:

Beautiful accidental day in Anniesland on the way to the train station and then this summer reading from Love is a Dog from Hell by Charles Bukowski